- Bob Spatehotls and Barbara Franano - Moscow, Idaho

"We moved from Oregon to be closer to family and to build our forever home. Darryll worked with us to come up with a perfect design. He was very available to hear about our changes and input and responded in a short period of time. He is very up front with his process to come up with the cost and there were no costs for changes that we wanted along the way. He involved our builder so that the plans will be ready and complete for submission for permitting! We highly recommend Darryll, Palouse Residential Designs and are excited to get started on the build!! "

- Tom and Ann Marie Gooch - Colfax, WA

"It has been such a joy working with you to design our dream home. Thank you for keeping us informed of the progress throughout the entire process. Also, thank you for your attention to detail and all of the ideas that you provided. We could not have done this without you. We're so glad we chose you as our architect and can't wait to show you the finished product. "

- Amber Akins - Potlatch, Idaho

"Darryll Sherman from Palouse Residential Designs went above and beyond for my kitchen remodel project. Darryll took ample time to listen and talk through all of my questions and concerns. He not only drew me exactly what I wanted (and more), but he also developed the drawing in an app so I could see it in 3D. He not only is phenomenal in his expertise, but he was able to connect me with a local engineer and a truly professional contractor who specializes in kitchens. I will recommend Darryll any chance I get! He was thorough, attentive and very detailed....exactly what I needed to bring this project to fruition! "

- Garrett and Holli Parrish - Palouse, Washington

"Darryll was great to work with. He listened to exactly what we wanted and executed it very well. He was honest, prompt, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We even had two builders tell us how great of a job Darryll did on our project! Overall, we are so happy we chose Darryll! "

- Derek Lautenschlager and Brittany Phelps - Palouse, Washington

"Darryll was wonderful to work with! He helped us design our remodel to the exact specifications we wanted. He was very patient with our timeline, listened to our ideas, and offered great suggestions. Darryll worked with our contractor and checked in frequently to make sure we were all on the same page. We were impressed with how quickly Darryll put the plans together and made adjustments. We would gladly work with Darryll again and recommend him to anyone remodeling their home. "

- Robert Bailey and Jessica Croft - Moscow, Idaho

"Residential Designs, the office of architect Mr. Darryll Sherman, offers homeowners the ability to improve their living spaces significantly and responsibly. At all times Mr. Sherman listens carefully, never hesitating to make valuable suggestions or to adapt to his clients’ changeable preferences. He is comprehensive and meticulous while drafting and in his experienced anticipation of future exigencies. Thanks to Residential Designs, my wife and I now have a set of plans likely to suit our budget and our purpose. "

- Scott and Torrey Beeson - Palouse, Washington

"Darryll helped us with the design and then created the plans for the remodel of our home in Palouse, WA in early 2016. He was a pleasure to work with. We appreciated his professional approach but also his ability and willingness to communicate with us since we are not professional house remodelers. Darryll was patient and very willing to explain details and make recommendations when we really had no idea what it was that we wanted. Not having worked with many contractors, we found Darryll’s willingness to do so much work on our project, but not charge fees until the design completion, a rare delight. He was understanding with design changes we wanted to make and prompt in providing new plans with those changes. He has been invested in our project all the way to completion even after the drawings had been finalized. Darryll was a great asset when it came to meeting with the structural engineer and our general contractor. There are so many details that we would not have thought to ask about that Darryll was able to take care of on our behalf. We highly recommend Palouse Residential Designs for any home remodel. "

- Jonny and Natalie Fisher - Pullman, Washington

"Darryll is the BEST! We worked with Darryll to design our "dream home" and he was so easy to work with. We had an unusual time-line that was fairly open ended, but Darryll worked at our pace and always made us feel like we were in charge and not the other way around. He was very patient with us throughout the whole process and did a great job of using our input to design a home we are so excited about. Lastly, Darryll is just a really nice guy. He is always pleasant, cheerful & never stressed us out. We highly recommend Darryll if you need a great architect for your next project. "

- Ross and Carol Todorovich - Pullman, Washington

"Thank you, Darryll, for helping us to create our dream home among the farmland on the rolling hills of the Palouse. We didn’t have much to start with, just a picture and some rough ideas. You guided us through the planning process, patiently explaining what we could and couldn’t do; were always ready with suggestions when frustration set in because things weren’t coming together just right; and definitely made us feel like you cared about the outcome. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great architect. "

- Scott and Janet Adams - Pullman, Washington

"We contacted Darryll Sherman to design an Addition to our home for us. He translated our dreams into a pleasing tangible visual reality. However, we did not build it. After two years of re-thinking, we contacted Darryll again and he graciously designed our re-worked Addition. But, again, we did not build it. Meanwhile, we did remodel two bathrooms which he designed and redesigned in the process, working speedily through daily email communication. We very much appreciated his flexibility. This spring we contacted Darryll again with yet another vision for the Addition. He continued to be supportive of our changes and worked carefully and patiently to help us realize that vision, accommodating our preferences and advising us how to best achieve them logistically. Yes, we are finally building Addition Design 3.0, and as we do, Darryll is available upon request to work out any questions and details that come up. Obviously, we would use Darryll Sherman of Palouse Residential Designs again … and again… and …. He is a kind, co-operative and resourceful architect. "

- Brandy and Jesse Wiser - Pullman, Washington

"My husband and I decided to expand on our cute little farm house… and ended up adding an extra 1,040 square feet as a 2nd story addition! I can’t thank Darryll enough for being such a great help through the entire process. I didn't want a square box design dropped onto my cute, multiple peaked roof, I wanted a few customized design options, without overdoing it. Darryll created all of that for us. To be able to sit at our house and discuss an overall design idea and then have him create 8 options just as a starting point, and an additional 10 options once the stairway layout was chosen, was awesome. At each point in the process we were able to say “I like option 2-B for the master, but with the look of the 2-C master closet, flopping the layout of the master bedroom with the master bathroom, adding a hallway closet if possible, and pocket doors in each of these room, and add this and change that” – the whole time not having to worry that each change was costing me extra $ or that we couldn't go back to what we had before. As we've gone along in our process Darryll has kept in touch – coming out during each construction phase to take pictures and make sure the design was working out to our liking. This has been a long process with many ups and downs – but the design portion of our addition has been one of the most enjoyable pieces. Thanks Darryll for all your help! "

- Joe Fitzgerald - Pullman, Washington

"My wife and I had the exciting opportunity to build our dream home. We looked at hundreds of plans on-line to get ideas but knew we wanted an experienced architect for the process of drafting our custom design. I run a paint company and we were fortunate to have known Mr. Sherman for several years. We had worked with him in the past and knew he did excellent work that made the whole process smooth. The entire process was professional, efficient, and fun. It was wonderful to be able to make changes as we went that are impossible with pre-packaged plans. Each trade had very clear expectations and the home turned out beautifully with custom touches throughout, and at over 4600 square feet, we were pleasantly surprised to have no issues to rectify. Even the building inspector was pleased with the attention to detail. We can't recommend highly enough Palouse Residential Designs! "

- John and Andrea Ingram - Moscow, Idaho

"Darryll is awesome! He has incredible patience and listened to my "vague" descriptions and poured over my idea notebook full of magazine photos and turned them into a beautiful, detailed and well-vetted masterpiece! "Can I have a secret passageway? ...a shower instead of a tub? ...a better way to get my groceries from the car into the kitchen?" YES! YES! YES! If you can dream it, Darryll can make it happen! "

- Gayle White - Edmonds, Washington

"I had decided to do a desperately needed carpet replacement in the fall of 2009 but knew that it only made sense to consider making any other upgrades at the same time. The kitchen, dining and living rooms were all very open to one another yet did not flow well. I had very few definite ideas so was only able to give Darryll a general idea of what I was looking for along with the fact that my funds were limited. He came back with multiple choices and explanations for his thoughts behind each option. We chose a new floor plan that required no structural changes but made a huge change in traffic flow and functionality. I host most of my family’s gatherings (Christmas, birthday celebrations, etc.) and even though my place is still small, it works so much better and it’s a joy to entertain now. Darryll was so supportive throughout and always available to everyone involved for questions and consultations. I would without hesitation, choose Darryll again for any future remodeling or building projects. "

- Frank and Anne Creamer - North Bend, Washington

"A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to update and expand our 1973 rambler kitchen. We enlisted Darryll to draw up some ideas for us. We didn't give him any specifics...just the total area that we had to work with. We had never seen any of Darryll's work previous to this and were very impressed with the end results. He managed to creatively transform the area of a small patio and narrow kitchen into the floor plan of a beautiful gourmet kitchen, pantry and dining area. Darryll communicated well throughout the process with honesty, creativity and friendliness. We would love to work with him again "

- Sam and Gina Young - Moscow, Idaho

"We were very pleased to have Darryll Sherman design our house. We had a goal of a chalet hidden up in the trees. We kept stressing to Darryll we wanted it simple. He kept educating us "that does not mean it has to look cheap". He took our basic concept and developed a plan we love. He worked with us on the design of some interior arches that helped tie everything together, We decided to add a third garage, rather than just tacking it on to our original floor plan he worked with the roof lines and deck design to enhance our home rather than making it look like a last minute change. We are very pleased with Darryll's work. Since he does everything using AutoCAD it was much easier to make changes. Darryll was very patient with us as we went through the process. We would gladly recommend him as an architect "