About Us

At Palouse residential Designs, we have one over-riding design parameter when it comes to working for you: It’s YOUR home. While this may sound trivial or even too basic, it is the guiding principle that determines every decision that we make in the design process.

It is our goal to provide you with the very best design for your home. We are intent on working with you at whatever level you desire to achieve this. Following are some of our principles when working with you, our client:

Client Driven Design Solution Options.
The needs and expectations of clients vary greatly – from those who provide us with nothing more than a sketch of an idea or a thought, to those who basically have it all figured out and just want us to “draw it up”, and everything in between. Our years of experience have given us knowledge which we will gladly share with you. We will provide options and recommendations on all levels of the design… from the smallest details to largest structural concerns. But – we will not dictate what you do. The final decision is yours. It’s YOUR home.
 The Client/Architect/Contractor Design.
We believe in the wisdom of preventing problems in the construction process by doing all we can in the design process to avoid them. We highly recommend that clients select a contractor early on so that they can be brought in during the design. Whether it’s the advantage of learning of some new construction material or the convenience of incorporating a selected contractors preferred construction method, involving the Client, Contractor and Architect throughout the design process is incredibly beneficial. This approach ensures that we will produce a set of plans that will best meet the client’s needs and desires, while incorporating architectural design choices and opportunities that can be constructed with little or no confusion or delays. It’s YOUR home.
As mentioned before, clients vary greatly. Regardless of individual needs and personalities, we want to be sure to make ourselves available to our clients to answer all of their questions throughout the entire design process. Our preliminary meeting from which we will send you a full proposal is free, and every meeting we need to have during the entire process – whether it’s 5 or 50 is included in the basic fee proposal. We want nothing to prevent full and open communictaion between us regarding any and all concerns and questions you may have. It’s YOUR home.